FCS-926 (discontinued)

Varicurve Equalizer / Analyzer Master

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The FCS-926 combines a digital-controlled analogue parametric filter set with intuitive assignable controls, fully interactive graphic display and intelligent spectrum analyser, plus MIDI control.

The FCS-920 is a 1U slave module with the same EQ processing facilities as the FCS-926 but with no front panel controls.

VARICURVE's multiband parametric equalisation creates a more accurate and sonically superior EQ contour than conventional manual or programmable graphic equalisers, and is equally at
home on Front-of-House, Monitor, or Studio Equalisation.

Each unit offers two channels of 6 band parametric EQ, or can be set to a mono 12 band equaliser. Any filter may be set to one of 212 frequencies, with a cut/boost of +/-15dB, or notch of 30dB, and a variable filter bandwidth of 0.1 to 2 octaves.

An integral spectrum analyser provides a fast method of measuring room response and automatically determining the correct EQ curve (as a first approximation).




FCS-926 (discontinued)

Varicurve Equalizer / Analyzer Master