European Solidarity Centre, Gdansk

The Challenge:

The European Solidarity Centre was constructed next to the Gdansk shipyards as a permanent exhibition celebrating the peaceful victory of the Solidarity movement (NSZZ Solidarnosc) and tribute to former President Lech Walesa. A robust and flexible multimedia technology solution was critical to allow the public to experience thousands of archived items including photos, film, documents, maps, and audio recordings.

The Solution:

A JBL cinema surround sound system with Crown amplifiers was specified for the multi-purpose hall where film would be a primary feature. The sound system features two JBL VERTEC subcompact line array speakers and a Soundcraft Vi6 digital mixing console. Additional loudspeakers and subwoofers are set on trolley to be moved into the space when needed. In the main hall, digital signage is controlled by BSS BLU-800 signal processors, along with JBL CBT column speakers powered by Crown ComTech DriveCore amps. Additional HARMAN Sound reinforcement systems, as well as AKG Wireless microphone systems are in heavy use throughout the facility.

The Impact:

“The decision for every component chosen was based on a deign needed to meet all of the high-performance and versatile technical performance customer requirements.” — Lars Bendrup, Transform (Architects)"