Montatip Hall, Udon Thani International Convention

The Opportunity

Continuing to establish the province of Udon Thani as a growing business center, the Montatip Hall, Udon Thani International Convention and Exhibition Centre is a premier enterprise venue that caters to local and foreign business travelers alike. As the first-ever exhibition and boutique commercial property developed by Udon Plaza Co., Ltd., the facility covers 25,000 square meters and features 80 meeting rooms, several banquet halls, and a convention and exhibition center that accommodates up to 5,000 people. To offer an unmatched business and collaborative experience, the expansive complex wanted to enhance its conference areas with cutting-edge AV and lighting systems.

The Solution

Delivering world-class business and meeting spaces, integrator Mahajak Development Co., Ltd. equipped Montatip Hall with state-of-the-art HARMAN networked AV and lighting solutions. In addition to hosting tradeshows, the facility’s largest halls—the Thanakorn Rooms—can be separated into two smaller meeting spaces. Integrating multi-functional audio systems that provide excellent sound with the versatility to support large-scale events or separate, simultaneous conferences, Mahajak deployed an array of JBL Professional speakers.

Powered by JBL CSA 1300Z Commercial Series Amplifiers along with Crown XTi 2002 and XTi 4002 power amplifiers, the systems include JBL Control 16C/T two-way ceiling loudspeakers, Control SB-2 dual-coil subwoofers, SCS 12 surround loudspeakers and 305P MkII two-way studio monitors, which feature JBL’s revolutionary Image Control Waveguide technology. Incorporating a range of JBL SRX800 Series self-powered systems, Mahajak also selected SRX818SP and SRX828SP subwoofers as well as SRX815P and SRX835P loudspeakers. Rounding out the high-powered systems in the Thanakorn Rooms and delivering stunning detail and precise imaging, Mahajak installed PRX815W 15-inch powered loudspeakers as floor monitors.

Further creating ideal meeting spaces, Mahajak equipped both Thanakorn Rooms with a 21-meter LED motorized display, Soundcraft Si Impact digital mixing console and Soundcraft Mini Stagebox 16i. While the screen provides visuals for everybody in attendance, the Si Impact and 16-channel digital stagebox help deliver pristine sound throughout the rooms. In addition to ensuring peak audio performance, BSS BLU-100 signal processors with BLU link, BSS BLU-B0B2 output expanders and BSS Ethernet controllers provide Montatip Hall with added flexibility and customizable zone control for a wide range of meetings.

Complementing the Thanakorn Rooms’ excellent sound with dazzling lighting and high-definition video capabilities, Mahajak installed Martin Professional LED fixtures as well as AMX video distribution systems. Mahajak selected an array of MAC Quantum Profile fixtures because of their incredible white light, smooth CMY color mixing system and crisp gobo projection. Equipping the rooms with world-class AV technology that delivers excellent sound and video quality, the solutions include a networked AV system that features AMX NMX-ATC-N4321 audio transceivers, NMX-ENC-N1115-WP wallplate encoders as well as NMX-ENC-N1122 and NMX-DEC-N1222 AV-over-IP encoders and decoders. Mahajak also installed AMX MST-701 touch panels and NX-2200 NetLinx NX integrated controllers, which offer complete control over the system and easy operation.

Suitable for meetings and seminars, Mahajak equipped Montatip Hall’s smaller conference spaces with AV systems that are similar to those found in the Thanakorn Rooms. Accommodating up to 400 and 300 people, respectively, the Passakorn Rooms and Apicha Room feature JBL Control 328C and Control 16C/T ceiling loudspeakers, 305P MkII studio monitors as well as PRX815W and PRX818XLFW powered loudspeakers. Though the systems in all three halls feature a Soundcraft Si Impact digital console, JBL CSA 140Z and Crown XTi 2002 amplifiers supply the power in the Passakorn Rooms, while CSA 180Z and Crown XTi 1002 amplifiers support the system in the Apicha Room. Both Passakorn Rooms also feature a 250” motorized LCD projector, BSS BLU-100 signal processors and the same AMX networked AV components as the Thanakorn Rooms. In addition to AMX NX-2200 and MST-701 control systems, the Apicha Room system includes the dbx DriveRack VENU360 loudspeaker Management System, which offers the processing and flexibility needed between mixers and amplifiers to optimize and protect loudspeakers.

The Impact

“The client wanted powerful, flexible AV and lighting systems to support events of any scale, reinforce brand image and ensure customer satisfaction,” said Pongsakorn Kanchanachayphoom, Project Director, Mahajak Development Co., Ltd. “It was challenging to design the audio system to cover all areas of the venue and deliver sound uniformly in all directions. We integrated a range of HARMAN Professional’s state-of-the-art AV and lighting systems across the facility, which provide premium performance with the versatility to accommodate future applications.”