Te Deseo, Texas

The Opportunity

Opened in 2019, Te Deseo is an authentic Latin American restaurant located in the Harwood District in downtown Dallas, Texas. Owned and operated by the Harwood Hospitality Group, Te Deseo combines fine dining with chic décor and live music performances for an exhilarating nightlife experience.

Spanning 14,000 square feet, Te Deseo features a variety of unique dining spaces. A small event space on the first floor offers an intimate dining experience for up to 30 guests. The courtyard is arranged for cocktails and dancing, while the luxurious rooftop bar features live music performances and a stunning view of the city for up to 150 guests.

To help capture the feel of a high-end nightclub, Te Deseo required a world-class networked audio system capable of automatically controlling and routing audio in four different locations.

The Solution

To bring the energy and excitement of a nightclub to Te Deseo restaurant, Platinum SLV installed a comprehensive HARMAN Professional Solutions networked audio system featuring class-leading solutions from JBL, Crown, BSS and AMX.

To meet the necessary output level for high-energy live performances, Platinum SLV equipped Te Deseo with cutting-edge JBL CBT 70J-1 + 70JE-1 systems, which combine CBT 70J-1 line array columns with CBT 70JE-1 extensions for enhanced bass response, improved pattern control and increased output levels. With Constant Beamwidth Technology, CBT 70J-1 + 70JE-1 systems deliver class-leading sound quality with superior, consistent vertical coverage.

Platinum SLV installed twelve compact JBL AC28/26 /95 loudspeakers to deliver pristine sound throughout the facility. With advanced PT™ Waveguide technology, AC28/26 /95 speakers deliver clear, intelligible sound in a compact package with a sleek aesthetic.

To supplement the system with deep, rich bass, Platinum SLV installed JBL ASB7118 and ASB6112 subwoofers throughout the venue. Platinum SLV selected ASB7118 subs for their long-excursion design, which delivers impressive output. ASB6112 subs offer high-powered bass response in a compact, lightweight enclosure, which Platinum SLV was able to integrate into the décor.

Additionally, 48 JBL in-ceiling loudspeakers were installed throughout the dining areas to ensure balanced, even coverage for background music. Platinum SLV selected JBL Control 47C/T loudspeakers for their balanced frequency response, Control 42C loudspeakers for their compact design and Control 40CS/T subwoofers for their extended bass performance. According to Drake, JBL’s wide range of products was crucial to designing this system.

For additional coverage in outdoor areas, Platinum SLV installed six JBL Control 28-1 indoor/outdoor loudspeakers, which provide rich sound, consistent coverage and versatile mounting options. The outdoor system is supplemented with four JBL Control SB2210 indoor/outdoor subwoofers, which offer high-powered low-frequency reinforcement. To deliver an immersive listening experience, Platinum SLV installed 16 JBL Control 85M landscape loudspeakers. Designed for outdoor applications, the highly weather-resistant Control 80 Series Landscape speakers provide full-range sound quality and 360-degree coverage. The system is powered using Crown CDi 4|1200, CDi 4|600 and CDi 4|300 amplifiers.

To route signals throughout the venue, Platinum SLV installed a series of BSS BLU-806DA, BLU-103 and BLU-100 signal processors, enabling staff to send up to 256 audio channels to any speaker source using a standard Cat-5 cable. An AMX DVX-2250HD all-in-one presentation switcher acts as the central hub with unified audio and video control. Signals are also routed through a series of AMX products including an NX-3200 NetLinx NX integrated controller, serial interfaces, encoders and decoders.

In addition to delivering world-class sound quality and maintaining a luxurious aesthetic, Te Deseo also requested that the system be easy for staff to control. Platinum SLV installed a dedicated AMX MT-702 Modero G5 touch panel device for manual control, as well as a dedicated iPad controller.

Platinum SLV programmed the system to automatically adjust volume levels to suit various activities throughout the day using an AMX MD-1002 Acendo Book touch panel, which interfaces with popular scheduling software like Microsoft Exchange, Office 365 and Google Calendar.

Te Deseo held its grand opening in August of 2019 and has quickly become one of Dallas’ hottest destinations for dinner, drinks and dancing. Staff and patrons continue to rave about the electrifying atmosphere and stunning sound.

The Impact

“One of the main things that we wanted to do with Te Deseo was to bring a nightclub feel to a restaurant, similar to what you find in Las Vegas or New York,” said Abheeshek Sharma, Director of Technology, Harwood International. “JBL was there for us from the start to guide us through the whole process.”

“On the design aspect of this project, we were tasked with two different scopes of work: user ability and sound quality,” said Cory Drake, President, Platinum SLV. “The system has to be very simple for the entire staff to use, not just an audio engineer. The system also has to be able to operate as a background system during restaurant hours, as well as a high-impact system similar to a nightclub.”

“With the level of sound that we wanted to bring to this restaurant, we couldn’t use small or discreet speakers,” said Sharma. “We had to use larger speakers that would give us the level of sound that we wanted.”

“The company is very aesthetically driven; so having the products seamlessly blend into the space was critical,” said Sharma. “Our design team worked hand-in-hand with Platinum SLV to make sure that those speakers would be hidden and unobtrusive.”

“We had a few challenges hiding the speakers,” said Jason Ang, Lead Tech, Platinum SLV. “We had to figure out how to make it aesthetically pleasing, but still get that same audio quality. The JBL arrays were easy to put in strategic places, and the sound quality is above and beyond what you would expect out of that size speaker. And because they’re so thin, we were able to sneak them in and get exactly the right amount of audio that we needed for the area.”

“One of the challenges we had with this project was getting the subs hung out in the courtyard,” said Dominic Tijerina, Project Manager, Platinum SLV. “The courtyard is an open space, so we had to make sure that there was total coverage. The subs are pretty big, so we made a structure to support them. I’ve never hung a speaker of this capacity and size. Without using JBL, I think it would have been a lot tougher to get it done.”

“One of the biggest benefits of JBL is just the overall size of the product line,” said Drake. “When designing a system where aesthetics are a key component, you have a vast product line to pick from, which is huge. The overall sound quality is phenomenal, and so is the product availability. When you combine all three of those together, it makes JBL a very easy choice.”

“Another challenge we had was making sure the system was consistent with the flow of the restaurant every night,” said Tijerina. “We made sure that the levels of the equipment automatically get louder at a certain time. During dinner time it’s set at a low level, then after dinner the system gets a little bit louder.”

“My favorite feature of the JBL system has got to be the sound,” said Sharma. “It’s being able to feel the bass and hear the words. When I come into the restaurant, I know that people are feeling the vibe and getting excited about having an awesome dining experience.”

“Working with JBL has been great,” said Jesse Verdin, Project Manager at Platinum SLV. “It’s easy to install and the quality is great. We’ve had issues with other products, but we’ve never had an issue with anything from JBL. Not one speaker has failed throughout this whole job. We use JBL on the majority of our projects—it’s our number one.”

“The end result of the project was great; the JBL system exceeded my expectations,” said Ang. “I’ve heard so many positive things. It’s one of the best installations that we’ve done, as far as audio quality. It’s like a concert everywhere you go.”