Van Don International Airport, Vietnam

The Opportunity

Located on the west coast of the province Quảng Ninh, Van Don International Airport covers an area of 800 acres and contains a single runway. Handling 2.5 million passengers and 10,000 cargo tons per year, the airport is equipped with four jet bridges, four baggage carousels, eight security gates and 31 check-in counters. Wanting to enhance its facility, Van Don International required a state-of-the-art airport audio system that not only provides travelers with crystal-clear announcements, but also helps airport staff communicate and streamline productivity.

The Solution

Designed and installed by integrator Ba Sao Invest Co., Ltd. and its partner Thien Van Tech Co., Ltd., Van Don International features a world-class HARMAN Professional airport audio solution that delivers excellent sound across the property. Meeting the airport’s audio requirements, Ba Sao selected an assortment of JBL Professional loudspeakers. JBL 8138 and 8128 full-range, open-back ceiling speakers offer high-fidelity performance, while Control 23-1 two-way, ultra-compact speakers deliver rich sonic character, wide coverage and consistent dispersion. Further adding to Van Don International’s excellent sound, CBT 100LA-LS line array column loudspeakers provide unmatched pattern control and vertical coverage.

Allowing airport staff to deliver crystal-clear announcements throughout the facility, Ba Sao selected JBL CSS-H30 paging horns and AKG PZM11 LL WR boundary laundry microphones. For outdoor areas, Ba Sao deployed JBL Control 85M coaxial landscape speakers, which provide excellent sound with 360-degree coverage. Powered by Crown DCi 8|300N and CT16S amplifiers, the system is configured and integrated using BSS BLU-806DA signal processors with BLU Link. BSS AEC Cards ensure optimum sound performance by cancelling acoustic echoes, while BLU-BIB input expanders offer added flexibility.

The Impact

“The client required a highly flexible and scalable solution that can support the airport’s audio and communication requirements,” said a spokesperson for Ba Sao Invest Co., Ltd. “After evaluating their requirements, we decided to use HARMAN’s audio equipment to provide superb speech intelligibility and audio coverage at the airport. We set up JBL open-back ceiling speakers coupled with pattern control speakers to deliver maximum clarity across the airport.”

“We were pleased to partner with Ba Sao and HARMAN for the installation of a highly capable and robust audio system for the airport,” said a spokesperson for Van Don International Airport. “With the new system, we will raise the bar in providing an unmatched world-class audio experience to our passengers.”



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