Soundweb London Hardware Overview - Chapter 2 - Cards

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00:05 – Product Comparison Chart 00:37 – BLU-806/326 Front/Rear 01:07 – I/O Card Slots 01:29 – Six Cards 01:52 – Analog Input Card 02:28 – Analog Output Card 02:47 – Digital Input Card 03:31 – Digital Output Card 03:58 – AEC Input Card 05:07 – Telephone Hybrid Card 05:44 – Card Type Indication 06:56 – Other Front Panel Indications This video discusses the local I/O cards which can be installed into certain Soundweb London devices. This is the second of eight videos in which Kevin Brown (Senior Product Specialist for BSS Audio) provides a hardware overview for Soundweb London, an award winning product line of Digital Signal Processors designed and manufactured by BSS Audio, a HARMAN company. To view the entire 8-video playlist, click here: For more info, please visit