Chapter 9 - Choosing the Right Networked Audio

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00:12 – owner 00:26 – channel capacity per device 00:43 – channel capacity per network 00:55 – min/max latency 01:19 – risk of broadcast traffic causing network failure 01:38 – Ethernet vs Non-Ethernet 01:57 – single cable 02:32 – BLU link's role in large systems 03:08 – which transport to use 03:54 – digital clocking 04:18 – multi-transport systems This video compares AVB, BLU link, CobraNet, and Dante. Digital clocking and system design are also discussed. This is the ninth of nine videos in which Kevin Brown (Senior Product Specialist for BSS Audio) presents HARMAN's premium solutions for installed sound systems. To view the entire 9-video playlist, click here: For more info, please visit