Soundweb London Hardware Overview - Chapter 5 - DSP

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00:05 – Two Key Factors 00:16 – Networked Audio 00:43 – DSP 01:16 – 12 x 4 Application Example 04:00 – Varying DSP 04:22 – DSP Resource Usage Meter 06:20 – Devices Without DSP 06:55 – 20 x 12 Application Example Certain Soundweb London devices have DSP capability, while others do not. This video discusses the use cases for both types of devices. This video also discusses how networked audio capability relates to DSP. This is the fifth of eight videos in which Kevin Brown (Senior Product Specialist for BSS Audio) provides a hardware overview for Soundweb London, an award winning product line of Digital Signal Processors designed and manufactured by BSS Audio, a HARMAN company. To view the entire 8-video playlist, click here: For more info, please visit