In the Studio with Harman Professional

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Five world-renowned musicians and Harman Professional came together for recording session at Capitol Studios in Hollywood. The entire session and the resulting mixes were produced using only equipment from the Harman Professional brands, AKG, JBL Professional, Lexicon and Soundcraft. The session delivered three terrific recordings and a documentary video. From mic to mix-down, the Harman equipment used on this session is affordable and readily available. The total price for the system used is less than $5,000 and the excellent, transparent sonic quality of the mixes speaks for itself.* Harman Professional recording equipment is available from Harman's world-wide dealer network Information about the equipment can be found at: Session Notes: * A .wav file of each mix is available for download. To preserve dynamic range of the performance, audio compression was not used prior to uploading. To hear each mix as intended, please download the .wav file for each mix rather than listening only to a streaming file on the internet. Musicians and Recording Engineer: • Greg Mathieson, Piano • Abraham Laboriel, Bass • Bill Maxwell, Drums • Justo Almario, Sax • Bill Champlin, Vocals • Tommy Vicari, Recording Engineer Bios and Credits at Equipment: • AKG Perception Series Mics and AKG K240, K170 Headphones for musicians. K702 Headphones in the control room. • JBL LSR6328P and LSR2328P Speakers and the MSC1 • Lexicon FW 810S I/O and PCM Native Reverb Plug In Bundle -- We routed mics to the FW 810S and recorded its output on a Mac lap top. • Soundcraft custom prototype mixer. We split the mics to this mixer and recorded its output on a second Mac lap top that also had the Lexicon PCM Native Recording Bundle installed. Music: • Fly By The Light - Words and Music © 1994, Bill Champlin, Tamara Champlin Tabbychabby Music, ASCAP • Everything New is Old Again - © 2009 Greg Mathieson, Mighty Mathieson Music, BMI • Goyo -- © 1990 Greg Mathieson, Mighty Mathieson Music, BMI