Please download the syllabus for full information regarding official training and certification for BSS Audio Soundweb London and/or Audio Architect.

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We occasionally host online webinars, which allow you to quickly and conveniently sharpen your knowledge on focused topics. These webinars—found by clicking the “Online Training” button above—do not provide “official training/certification.” For that, you must attend a live training event, as described in the syllabus. These webinars simply provide an opportunity for informal learning while interacting with factory experts online.


Our course names have recently changed:

Old Name New Name Course Code
Architectural Media Systems Introductory HiQnet Audio Architect Introductory AA 100
Architectural Media Systems Intermediate DSP BSS Audio Soundweb London 101 BSS 101
Architectural Media Systems Advanced DSP BSS Audio Soundweb London 201 BSS 201