Bengaluru Int'l Airport

The Challenge:

At Bengaluru International Airport in Bangalore, India, T1A (Terminal 1) spreads across 1.5 million square feet of space and has the capacity to handle 20 million passengers each year. To deliver world-class facilities and services to passengers and partners, the airport authority committed to deploying a comprehensive program that included a truly integrated airport communications system. That commitment launched the search for an information delivery system engineered especially to address communications challenges in today’s complex public spaces, such as airports, rail stations and others.

The Solution:

Working with HARMAN International India, the airport deployed the HARMAN IDX Information Delivery System, which consists of a software-based IDX system core and operator interface, as well as JBL Professional loudspeakers, CROWN amplification, AKG noise-sensing microphones and BSS Audio processing. The system is a fully managed digital notification system that seamlessly combines audio and visual messaging functionality with the airport IT LAN. It also provides operators with an effective interface for managing complex, rapidly changing travel data, including gate information, boarding details and life safety protocol in the unlikely event of emergencies.

The deployment provides the airport with a highly flexible and scalable solution that can support the airport’s current requirements of Terminal 1 and future expansion plans. This is a landmark installation, as it is not only the first HARMAN IDX Information Delivery System installation at an international airport in India, but it is also the first IDX system deployment in Asia.

The Impact:

“We are pleased to partner with HARMAN in installing a highly capable, robust and mission-oriented situation management platform at the terminal. Through the new system, we will raise the bar in providing unmatched world-class audio experience to our passengers at the Bengaluru International Airport. This sets the foundation for an integrated airport communication system that will serve the airport’s needs for years to come.”_*– G.V. Sanjay Reddy, Bengaluru International Airport*_

HARMAN Products:

Information Delivery System

  • HARMAN IDX Information Delivery System


  • JBL Professional Loudspeakers


  • Crown Amplifiers

Audio Processing

  • BSS Audio Processing


  • AKG Noise Sensing Microphones

Bengaluru International Airport