IDX 100 Processor

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The PDP-DSP Public Address Processor offers 8 analog inputs and 8 analog outputs, a pre-configured signal path, CobraNet audio and a high bandwidth, fault tolerant digital audio bus.

This processor features CobraNet audio with primary and secondary ports for fault tolerance. Control is through a separate Ethernet port which allows CobraNet and control networks to be easily separated or mixed depending upon requirements.

The PDP-DSP features a low latency, fault tolerant digital audio bus of 256 channels which uses standard Category 5e cabling allowing a distance of 100m between PDP-DSP Public Address Processor and PDP-BOB Output Expander devices.

Phantom Power, Sync, Signal Present and Clip information per channel is easily accessible, without the requirement for a PC, from clear front panel LED indication. A bi-directional locate function allows devices to be identified both from and within IDX 100 Designer.

12 Control Inputs and 6 Logic Outputs allow the PDP-DSP to be integrated with GPIO compatible devices.

A maximum of 2 PDP-DSP Public Address Processors can be used in an IDX 100 system to provide up to 96 output zones, where each PDP-DSP device provides processing for up to 48 output zones.


8 Analog Inputs (with Phantom Power per Channel)

8 Analog Outputs

Pre-Configured Signal Path

256 Channel, Low Latency, Fault Tolerant Digital Audio Bus

Clear Front Panel LED Indication

Bi-Directional Locate Functionality

12 Control Inputs and 6 Logic Outputs for GPIO Integration

In IDX 100 System Up to 96 Output Zones Using 2 PDP-DSP Devices


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