Soundweb Designer v1.30 Build 54 (Windows)

Note: this is an old version. The current version is: Soundweb Designer v1.50 Build68 (Windows 2000, XP). ×

Last Updated: 8月23日

No fixes or enhancements to Soundweb Designer 1.30 build 54 over build 53.


Firmware Compatibility

ProductFirmware VersionBuild Filename
sw9088 (Mk1) Firmware v1.58 9088v158.dis
9088ii Firmware v1.18 88iiv118.dis
sw9088iis DSP Hardware Firmware v1.10 88isv110.dis
9000/9000ii Firmware v1.48 9000v148.dis
sw9000iis Firmware v1.04 00isv104.dis
9008 Firmware v1.10 9008v110.dis
sw9008iis Firmware v1.06 08isv106.dis
sw9010 Firmware v1.32 9010v132.dis