Soundweb Designer v1.50 Build68 (Windows 7)

Last Updated: 8月23日

Any design files created in version 1.0 onwards, should be compatible with version 1.50. However, as with all upgrades of software, it is strongly recommended that you make back-up copies of all design files prior to opening them in the new version.

If you just need the latest embedded firmware versions, you can download these here .

Soundweb Designer requires Windows 7, 95, 98 or Windows NT. Windows 2000 users are strongly recommended to install Service Pack 1 as a minimum.

Installing Soundweb Designer will not update your system registry, or add any DLL files to your system directory. Only a soundweb.ini file will be added to your Windows directory.

Soundweb Designer 1.40 and above enables support for the SW3088 Soundweb Lite unit.