Discontinued Products


Ethernet AVB

  • GS724T 24 Port Ethernet AVB Switch


Soundweb London

  • MC-1 Fiber Optic Media Converter
  • BLU-16 Signal Processor
  • BLU-32 I/O Expander with CobraNet™
  • BLU-325 I/O Expander with BLU link and AVB
  • BLU-80 Signal Processor with CobraNet™
  • BLU-805 Signal Processor with BLU link and AVB


Soundweb Contrio


Conferencing Processors

  • DCP-555 Template-Based Conferencing Processor with VoIP


Dynamics Processors


Graphic Equalizers

  • FCS-926 Varicurve Equalizer / Analyzer Master
  • FCS-960 Dual Channel/Mode Graphic EQ


Active Signal Distribution Systems


Electronic Crossovers & Loudspeaker Management


Soundweb Original & Soundweb Lite


Digital Processor/Mixer


Accessory Products


Other Discontinued Products