November 02

November 02, 2017

HARMAN Professional Solutions Brings Luxury Sound to Fitness First Barangaroo

Compact Monitor Systems selects solutions by JBL Professional, Crown and BSS to create a complete multi-zone audio system at Australia’s first connected gym  

SYDNEY, AUSTRALIA—Compact Monitor Systems recently installed a complete networked audio system by HARMAN Professional Solutions at Fitness First Barangaroo.

With more than 360 locations worldwide, Fitness First is the largest privately owned health club in the world. Fitness First opened Australia’s first “connected gym” in 2017 as part of the renowned Barangaroo urban renewal project. Located in Tower One, the largest office tower in Australia, Fitness First Barangaroo provides a holistic exercise experience with the latest innovations in technology to its members. Covering an area of almost 13,000 square feet, its facilities consist of a weightlifting gym, freestyle gym and group fitness studio. In order to deliver inspiring audio content with exceptional clarity to its members in multiple zones throughout the entire facility, Fitness First hired Compact Monitor Systems to install a complete networked audio system by HARMAN Professional Solutions.

“Music makes or breaks the vibe of any gym,” said Anna Burdekin, Club Manager, Fitness First Barangaroo. “You can have great staff and members, but the vibe will be absolutely lost if you don’t have great audio. Our members come straight from very high-pressure jobs, and a pleasant audio experience helps them switch out of work mode and get in the zone from the moment they arrive. I’ve worked in clubs where audio coverage is uneven in the group fitness areas. Compact Monitor Systems has managed to get highly balanced sound throughout the room—at a good volume. The music is absolutely pumping when we have classes in the group exercise studio. With the way the system is integrated, you don’t even notice the speakers in the studio—it’s brilliant!”

To provide Fitness First Barangaroo’s members with a clear and unobtrusive audio experience, Compact Monitor Systems’ Bill Richardson designed and integrated a multi-zone audio system into the fitness center’s architectural features. The networked HARMAN system installed by Compact Monitor Systems consists of JBL Professional speakers, Crown amplifiers and BSS processors. 

“When people go to the gym, they expect high quality audio—especially in a Titanium Club,” said Bill Richardson, Managing Director, Compact Monitor Systems. “We used JBL Control 24 in-ceiling loudspeakers in spaces like the hallways and bathrooms. In the majority of the gym we used Control 60 subs and Control 67 full-range pendant loudspeakers. We hung the pendants above the light fixtures, so you don’t notice the loudspeakers visually—you simply hear them when you walk into the space.”

JBL Contractor Control Series loudspeakers offer integrators a complete range of solutions for any form factor or requirement. JBL Control 67 P/T full-range speakers and Control 60 subwoofers are suspended above the light fixtures in the three main gyms, providing balanced audio coverage across the large spaces. JBL Control 24C compact in-ceiling loudspeakers deliver full quality sound to the reception area, bathrooms and hallways. The multi-zone system is powered by Crown CDi Series amplifiers and networked via BSS Soundweb London BLU signal processors, enabling intuitive volume control and source selection in each zone.      

“HARMAN Professional Solutions is pleased to deliver a higher and deeper sonic experience at Fitness First Barangaroo,” said Ramesh Jayaraman, VP & GM, HARMAN Professional Solutions, APAC. “We look forward to building our relationship with Fitness First, and thank our partners Compact Monitor Systems for providing premium solutions with great customer service.”

October 24

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Vienam nation drama theatre %285%29 email

October 24, 2017

HARMAN Professional Solutions Supports the Fine Arts at Vietnam National Drama Theatre

Ba Sao Investment selects JBL, Crown, BSS and Soundcraft solutions to provide maximum coverage and intelligibility at the historic Vietnamese dramatic arts theater

HANOI, VIETNAM—Ba Sao Investment recently installed a complete audio system by HARMAN Professional Solutions at the Vietnam National Drama Theatre.

Founded in 1952, the Vietnam National Drama Theatre has hosted dramatic performances in the Vietnamese capital of Hanoi for more than half a century. The building was recently redeveloped as a modern dramatic arts center to accommodate the increasing demands of popular international touring productions. In order to complement the recent renovations and ensure world-class audio quality for audiences, the National Drama Theatre hired Ba Sao Investment to upgrade its aging audio system with a complete HARMAN audio solution.

“Vietnam National Drama Theatre asked us to install a modern audio system with perfect coverage at every seat in the house,” said Nguyen Khac Anh, CEO, Ba Sao Investment Co. Ltd. “The new HARMAN system delivers clarity, depth and intelligibility across the entire 620-square-foot theater, with no audible delay. Management is very pleased with the HARMAN solution, especially because it offers the flexibility to easily integrate new components in the future.”   

The audio system in the National Drama Theater consists of JBL VRX900 Series line arrays, JBL PRX700 Series powered speakers, Crown Macro-Tech I Series amplifiers, a BSS Minidrive loudspeaker management system and a Soundcraft Si Expression series digital mixing console.

The JBL VRX928LA compact two-way line array speaker’s amplitude shading feature makes it easy to adjust each speaker’s high-frequency output for a consistent response in the theater. JBL VRX915S bass-reflex subwoofers offer powerful bass frequencies in a compact footprint. PRX712 two-way powered speakers provide perfect front-fill coverage for the first few rows. The system is powered by reliable Crown MA 5000i amplifiers, offering powerful performance and unmatched reliability. The speakers are tuned using a BSS FDS-334T Minidrive loudspeaker management system, which combines limiting, EQ, crossovers and input/output delay in a single comprehensive unit. Finally, a Soundcraft Si Expression 3 digital audio console provides the versatility and complexity needed to mix modern theatrical productions.

“We are proud to see our solutions support the arts in the historic Vietnam National Drama Theatre,” said Ramesh Jayaraman, VP & GM, HARMAN Professional Solutions, APAC. “Thanks to Ba Sao Investment’s expertise and attention to detail, audiences will be thrilled by performances at the National Drama Theatre for many years to come.”

October 23

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Terminal21 2 0020 email

October 23, 2017

HARMAN Professional Solutions Helps Terminal 21 Korat Provide a World-Class Shopping Experience

Mahajak Development selects JBL, Crown and BSS solutions to deliver maximum coverage, superb audio quality and controllability

KORAT, THAILAND—Mahajak Development Co., Ltd. recently installed a complete HARMAN audio solution at Terminal 21 Korat, the largest shopping mall in the city of Nahkon Ratchasima.

Terminal 21 Korat features 200 outlet stores, a movie theater, an ice skating rink, an amusement park and more. Each of the building’s seven floors are decorated to make customers feel as if they’re visiting popular cities like Paris, London, Tokyo and San Francisco. In order to provide audio coverage for a wide range of entertainment environments and specialized areas, Terminal 21 Korat hired Mahajak Development to install a complete HARMAN audio solution consisting of JBL Professional speakers, Crown amplifiers and BSS signal processors.

“Terminal 21 Korat offers a truly unique shopping experience, and we’re proud to be involved,” said Pongsakorn Kanchanachayphoom, Project Director, Mahajak Development Co. Ltd. “The owners wanted a state-of-the art audio system that was user friendly, with independent volume control and source selection for different zones in the mall. The integrated HARMAN audio solutions work together seamlessly, providing maximum coverage and sophisticated control.”

The system Mahajak Development installed at Terminal 21 Korat features a variety of JBL solutions, including JBL CBT 70J-1, JBL Control 1 Pro, JBL Control29AV-1 and JBL AC18/95 loudspeakers. The entire system is powered by Crown XTi 4002 and Crown XTi 2002 power amplifiers. Signal processing is handled via BSS Soundweb London BLU-100 and BLU-50 signal processors, and BSS BLU-3 control panels provide easy volume control and source selection for each zone.

“JBL has so many different types of speakers for every imaginable scenario,” added Pongsakorn. “That made it very easy to customize the audio system as needed for each area. The JBL CBT 70J-1 speakers blend in perfectly with the Eiffel Tower replica on the first floor, and JBL Control 29AV-1 speakers provide smooth ambience to the airplane-themed mall entrance. BSS Soundweb London BLU-100 and BLU-50 signal processors ensure the audio coverage in each zone is crisp and clear, and BSS BLU-3 control panels provide easy volume control and source selection for the Terminal 21 Korat staff.”

October 18

Avani 4 email

October 18, 2017

HARMAN Professional Solutions Provides a Luxurious AV Experience at the AVANI Riverside Bangkok Hotel

Mahajak Development selects an integrated HARMAN AV audio solution for its advanced networking, intuitive operation and premium sound quality  

BANGKOK—Mahajak Development Co., Ltd. recently installed a complete HARMAN networked AV audio solution at AVANI Riverside Bangkok, an award-winning luxury hotel overlooking the Chao Phraya River.

In addition to 245 guest rooms and suites, the hotel features a lobby, grand ballroom, five conference rooms, multiple restaurants and a rooftop swimming pool. In order to provide audio coverage and networked AV for a wide range of specialized areas and environments, hotel owner Minor International hired Mahajak Development to install a complete HARMAN AV audio solution. It consisted of JBL Professional speakers, Crown amplifiers, BSS signal processors, Soundcraft audio mixers and AMX networked AV systems.

“We asked Mahajak Development to provide us with robust AV solutions to accommodate a spectrum of events and functions,” said Pakpoom Worakamolkul, Senior Engineering Manager, Minor International. “Thanks to the variety of speaker types and sizes in the JBL Control Series line, Mahajak was able to customize the solution in each different environment to deliver maximum coverage and intelligibility. The colors and grills of the speakers blend in with their surroundings perfectly. Furthermore, the HARMAN AV systems in our grand ballroom and meeting spaces are very flexible and easily optimized for different types of events.”  

The HARMAN AV system allows the AVANI Riverside Bangkok staff to produce weddings, business conferences, private parties and more. In the grand ballroom, JBL Control Series speakers are complemented by JBL EON Series powered speakers and JBL STX818S subwoofers for enhanced volume and bass response. The entire system is powered by Crown CTs Series, XLi Series and XTi 2 Series amplifiers.

Versatile and compact Soundcraft MFXi audio mixers enable staff and guest DJs to quickly craft professional mixes. BSS Soundweb London devices offer advanced routing and signal processing, while BSS BLU control panels make it easy for non-technical staff members to adjust the sophisticated AV system. AMX IS-SPX-1300 players are used to program digital signage panels located outside each event space, which indicate the current booking. Finally, an AMX ENOVA digital media switcher forms the “backbone” of the networked AV systems in the banquet spaces, enabling seamless audio playback and signal switching.

“AVANI Riverside Bangkok is very happy with the networked HARMAN AV system we installed,” said Pongsakorn Kanchanachayphoom, Project Director, Mahajak Development. “It was a challenge to design a large-scale system that fulfilled all of the technical requirements. Thanks to HARMAN’s never-ending inventory of professional solutions, we were able to provide the hotel with the AV system of their dreams.”   

October 16

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Untitled panorama4 email

October 16, 2017

HARMAN Professional Solutions Helps Vana Nava Jungle Water Park Deliver an Unforgettable Customer Experience

Mahajak Development selects JBL Professional, Crown, Soundcraft, dbx and BSS solutions to create a versatile multi-zone audio system across a wide range of attractions 

HUA HIN, THAILAND—Mahajak Development recently installed a multi-zone distributed audio system by HARMAN Professional Solutions at Vana Nava Jungle Water Park.

Located on eight acres outside of Hua Hin, Thailand, Vana Nava is Asia’s first “water jungle” and is one of the most popular tourist destinations in the region. In addition to over 20 water slides, rides, and a jungle with more than 200,000 species of plants and trees, Vana Nava features world-class restaurants, bars, music venues and private event spaces. In order to provide excellent sound quality for background music and announcements across a wide range of facilities and attractions, developer Proud Real Estate hired Mahajak Development to design and install a complete HARMAN networked multi-zone audio solution throughout the entire park.

“The project required a great number of loudspeakers, and the HARMAN constant-voltage speakers enabled us to extend the number of outputs and minimize power loss over long speaker cable runs,” said Roengrith Jantarima, Project Manager, Mahajak Development. “The park has been up and running smoothly for five years now, and we continue to provide Vana Nava with technical support and maintenance. Thanks to the durability and seamless integration of the HARMAN solutions, we haven’t had to replace anything due to equipment failure. The park’s audio system sounds as good today as the day it was opened.”

The system installed by Mahajak Development includes JBL loudspeakers, Crown amplifiers, Soundcraft mixers and BSS digital audio processors. The wide range of indoor and outdoor spaces at Vana Nava are outfitted with JBL Professional Control Contractor Series loudspeakers, offering a variety of surface-mount, in-ceiling and in-wall models for any architectural, aesthetic or system performance requirement. Additionally, the water park zone is augmented by JBL AE Series, EON500 Series and PRX700 Series speakers. The entire system is powered by Crown CDi Series and XTi 2 series amplifiers.

A Soundcraft FX16ii 16-channel mixing console sits at the center of the HARMAN system, while dbx DriveRack Series loudspeaker management systems handle the multi-zone processing and distribution of audio. A BSS Soundweb London BLU-80 device offers configurable I/O, signal processing and CobraNet audio. Finally, BSS BLU-8 wall-mount controllers enable intuitive level control and source selection in the different zones across the park.    

“It’s exciting to note that HARMAN provided a professionally controlled multi-zone sonic infrastructure for their complex networked audio system at Vana Nava Jungle Water Park in Thailand,” said Ramesh Jayaraman, VP & GM, HARMAN Professional Solutions, APAC. “Mahajak Development has been one of our long-standing partners and we are looking forward to seeing this relationship grow in the future.”

September 26

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Whoa entrance building email

September 26, 2017

HARMAN Professional Solutions Provide Unforgettable Live Experiences At Whoa! Studios

Full range of HARMAN Professional Solutions help create immersive experience

AUCKLAND, NEW ZEALAND - Nestled in Henderson Valley in Western Auckland New Zealand, Whoa! Studios is a state-of-the-art film studio and theatre specialising in live action, puppetry and miniatures. Its flagship offering is an original, world-class, live show based on the characters and sets of Custard’s World – adapted for stage from a script by Bob Baker, BAFTA award winning screenwriter of Wallace & Gromit.

Whoa!’s owner, David Sutherland, wanted to create an exciting family destination in Auckland with unforgettable live experiences. He says, “It started out as an idea to do something fun for children and for families, to do something that was different to what they had engaged with before. We wanted to try and do something that was magical.”

David’s vision has resulted in a world-class facility with a children’s adventure playground, a modern family eatery, a hi-tech studio and theatre facilities. In order to realise this vision and create a truly immersive experience alongside the mix of puppets, digital effects and live action from within the main stage movie set, leading world class AV technologies were needed.

Worldclass meant that one of New Zealand’s top integration companies, ITAV was called upon to knit together this immersive experience that would create lasting memories. Their brief was clear; sound quality, flexibility and ease of use.

Consultant and ITAV integrator Paul Ivory had no doubts when it came to selecting the team that he would partner on this project. Paul declares, “I called on the best of the best in all different aspects of this project.”

JANDS, leading specialists in sound system design and the HARMAN Professional Solutions equipment supplier in New Zealand, were selected because of their domain expertise, audio and product knowledge, far-reaching support and emphasis on long-term relationship.

Paul Edlin, Project Director at JANDS, designed the fully integrated networked audio system for the theatre and restaurant. BSS Soundweb and Soundcraft Vi3000 are an integral part of the audio distribution and essentially, the heart of the theatre system.

The primary objective was to keep as much of the audio signal in the digital domain as possible. Audio was passed in and out of the Vi3000 via Dante, into the BSS BLU-806 signal processor before reaching the Crown DCi Amplifiers that powered the JBL CBT 70 array speakers in the theatre, and various JBL Control Series speakers for the eight zones such as the green room and back of stage.

Audio outputs for the live film studio and theatre were configured in 7.1 and 5.1 respectively. This was not only for a surround sound effect, but for localised sources as puppets came in from different locations around the room.

For the theatre, Paul Ivory selected the JBL CBT 70’s. “They are great for speech and music” he says, “The array of the speakers is perfect for having clear sound for the front and back end of the room; they were always going to be my first choice, there is nothing else that comes close.”

AKG’s new MicroLite HC81 headworn microphones were selected due to being comfortable and lightweight to wear for the actors, while the wireless microphone technology used has a track record of solid reliability.

Through clever configuration and use of the Soundcraft VISI app, the Soundcraft Vi3000 mixing console provided the central control point for all performance areas.

Paul Edlin from JANDS explains the use of the VISI integration, “Vi3000 controls all the actors and playback audio within the main theatre and on the second layer it controls audio in the second theatre.” This resulted in a cost saving of an additional mixing surface. Paul continues, “So the main theatre can be running a show and the second theatre can simultaneously run another show with audio controlled via the VISI iPad app.”

The approach to the AV design for the restaurant and mezzanine areas is equally as ingenious, with exceptional sound quality produced by the unobtrusive JBL Pendant speakers.

 “You can walk throughout the café, into the parent’s area, toilets, the shop into the entrance way and the sound is all even, it is not overbearing in any area” states ITAV’s Paul Ivory.

All AV technologies such as switching on projectors and lowering screens, operating lights and adjusting volume are controlled on a touch panel system via an automated process. Third party systems control is made simple and easy to execute with Audio Architect and AMX seamlessly integrated together.

Through effective communication, simplistic AV and sound system design and leading world-class products from Harman Professional, the teams from ITAV and JANDS were able to put together a solution that will provide simplistic user operation for staff, and unforgettable live experiences for families.

David Sutherland concludes, “We wanted to exceed expectations. I didn’t think it would be as good as this result - and that makes it all worthwhile.”

“Whoa! Studios showcases the best of HARMAN Professional Solutions product suites. A complete and reliable solution that is able to meet the different requirements in the different spaces to achieve the objective of our esteemed customers. We are delighted that our solutions are helping elevate the experiences of Whoa! guests,” said Ramesh Jayaraman, VP & GM  HARMAN Professional Solutions, APAC. “We also commend JANDS in New Zealand for their professionalism and impeccable design that has helped the client achieve their objectives.”


Products Used

BSS Soundweb
Soundcraft Vi3000
Soundcraft VISI App
Crown DCi Amplifiers
JBL CBT 70 Array speakers
AKG WMS4500 Wireless Microphones Systems

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