Soundweb Contrio

The Soundweb Contrio platform and its two initial products, the Contrio server and Contrio wall controller range, are the first within the Soundweb Contrio family that will ultimately provide enhanced system control capability and audio routing flexibility for a variety of applications. Significantly, these and all future Soundweb Contrio products will be backward compatible with existing BSS Audio Soundweb London devices, providing the widest and most comprehensive choice of audio processing, distribution and control devices available in a single system solution today.

  • EC-V


    Ethernet Controller with Volume Control
  • EC-4B


    Ethernet Controller with 4 Buttons
  • EC-4BV


    Ethernet Controller with 4 Buttons and Volume Control
  • EC-8BV


    Ethernet Controller with 8 Buttons and Volume Control
  • AC-V


    Analog Controller with Volume Control
  • AC-5S


    Analog Controller with 5-Position Source Selector

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