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Audinate’s Dante is the world’s most universally adopted networked audio technology and is used extensively for commercial installations, live performances, recording and production, and more. HARMAN’s support for Dante reflects its commitment to seamless integration and interoperability across a broad spectrum of audio devices and systems.

Soundweb OMNI DSPs ship with their full Dante channel count capability, up to 512x512, to ensure immediate, seamless compatibility with the complete Dante ecosystem.

Dante-enabled Soundweb London processors can also pass Dante networked audio to any Dante-enabled device—for example Crown DCi “DA” series amplifiers. This makes it possible to use Dante to pass audio between multiple locations, capable of being routed through switches and existing network infrastructure within complex audio ecosystems.

Soundweb London processors can also be used as a bridge to convert Dante audio to BLU link for low-cost audio redistribution to up to 60 devices within a rack or room.

Dante Domain Manager Firmware Update for BSS and Crown
Dante-enabled BSS Soundweb London Processors (BLU-806-DA, BLU-326-DA, BLU-DA) and Crown DCi-DA Amplifiers (8|600DA, 8|300DA, 4|1250DA, 4|600DA, 4|300DA) support Audinate’s Dante 4.0 firmware, featuring Dante Domain Manager.

Dante 4.0 Advantages

  • IT-friendly
  • Can run on a VM
  • Reporting via SNMP
  • Active directory and LDAP support
  • Integrator-friendly
  • Can divide audio system into “domains,” each with secure user logins
  • Configurable dashboard for remote support
  • Audio routing across subnets / WAN
  • Audit trail for troubleshooting

This diagram illustrates a typical application utilizing HARMAN Dante:

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AES67 is a technical standard for high-performance streaming audio-over-IP interoperability. It offers a universal format to digitally transmit audio between two or more distinct audio-over-IP systems.

BSS Soundweb OMNI and Soundweb London processors support Dante and AES67 audio, enabling the processor to seamlessly capture audio from video components.

Subsequently, the audio can be processed and transmitted via AES67 to AMX decoders, or alternatively, via Dante or BLU link to HARMAN amplifiers and processors. In addition to traditional AMX SVSI-encoded audio, many SVSI video encoders and decoders, with model names ending in “A”, support AES67 encoding/decoding.

This diagram illustrates a typical application utilizing HARMAN Dante & AES67:

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