FDS-355 OMNIDRIVE (discontinued)


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The FDS-355 fits many applications:

For front-of-house, it can be set up as simple stereo 2-way, or paired for 5-way systems.

In stage monitor systems, it can function as a dual bi-amp crossover with delay, limiters and EQ, providing an interesting solution to on-stage hotspots caused by monitors with identical signals, which can be eliminated by applying small delays between wedges.

The FDS-355 OMNIDRIVE COMPACT brings the power and usability of OMNIDRIVE processing into a cost-effective unit taking up just 1U of rack space. The FDS-355 has a matrix of 3 inputs and 5 outputs. Each output has crossover, limiter and delay functions: the signal can be routed from any input, or from a mono sum of inputs A and B.

The FDS-355 can flexibly place multiple blocks of EQ, which can be used for input equalisation, system EQ, CD horn compensation, or room contouring. Since EQ can be placed on inputs and outputs, the FDS-355 can remove the need for a separate room equaliser.

Remote control of the FDS-355 can be achieved using the FPC-900 Remote, or the new Soundbench V3 PC software which allows full control of all the parameters on a network of devices which may include FDS-355, FDS-388/380 and FCS-920/926 units.

Typical applications:

  • Stereo 2-way plus mono sub
  • Stereo 2-way plus sub from input C
  • Dual Bi-amp for stage monitors, with delay and EQ.
  • 5-way systems.
  • 4-way plus full range output with separate delay and EQ.
  • Mono 3-way plus mono 2-way (independent systems).
  • 5-way Zoning ( full range outputs, giving delays, EQ and limiters on all zones ).


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FDS-355 OMNIDRIVE (discontinued)