FDS-388 OMNIDRIVE (discontinued)

Loudspeaker Management System

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The OMNIDRIVE system represents a radical step forward in DSP processing for loudspeaker management, incorporating BSS's vast experience in crossover design and combining two channels of 4-way crossover, parametric equalisation, digital delay lines and limiters, and is designed for use in all areas of sound control.

A compact 2U chassis means reduced interconnections, cabling and rack weight, while increasing rack space availability. Major facilities include password protection, automatic correction for HF response with humidity and delays with temperature.

The user front-end is remarkably simple, combining a real-time graphical display with an analogue-like output control section with led meters for full indication of system performance. The screen shows crossover response, EQ curves plus delay and limiter data in high-resolution graphics. System settings can be stored in up to 60 user memories, for quick and easy setup.

The crossover sections can be configured as stereo 2, 3 or 4 way, with the option of setting one stereo band as a mono-lo output for sub-bass processing. Various filter types may be selected with slopes of 12, 18 or 24 db per octave.

Parametric EQ is provided as two sections of fully adjustable EQ per band of processing, one section being configured as a 0-180 degree adjustable phase control, with polarity switching as standard through a separate independent function. The EQ range is 15Hz to 16kHz, gain adjustable +/- 15db, with a Q from 0.05 to 3 octaves, switchable between bell or shelving response.

The limiters are located mid-band, an optimal configuration originated by BSS and now widely adopted. Each band also incorporates a delay line, with adjustable delay in unusually fine 11 microsecond steps up to 650 milliseconds and displayed in feet, metres or milliseconds.

The FDS-388 can be controlled remotely using the FPC-900 Remote, or the new Soundbench V3 PC software which allows full control of all the parameters on a network of devices which may include FDS-355, FDS-388/380 and FCS-920/926 units.


  • Stereo or 2 channel, 2, 3 or 4-way operation
  • Two parametric EQ sections/band
  • Delays up to 650mSec
  • Mid-band limiters on every band
  • Polarity invert and optional phase adjust on each band
  • 60 user programmable memories
  • On-line SWAP facility for direct A/B comparisons
  • Sophisticated password protection and data 'hide' functions
  • Led meter on each output
  • Data archive to PCMCIA memory card
  • Optional Input and Output transformer balancing
  • Optional Humidity/Temperature auto correction system
  • MIDI interface / Open architecture port


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FDS-388 OMNIDRIVE (discontinued)

Loudspeaker Management System