sw9016 (discontinued)

Audio/Video Matrix Switcher

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BSS Audio have taken a major leap in the expansion of their hugely acclaimed Soundweb programmable DSP system with the introduction of new matrix switchers. Matrix switchers are capable of routing multiple video sources to several zones, all controlled within a Soundweb system.

While standalone video switchers are used in many systems alongside Soundweb, the integration of the control of the video sources has relied upon custom programming between the two systems RS-232 ports. Such systems are typically found in theme bars and restaurants (such as Sports or Music bars), Corporate Boardrooms and visitor attractions.

The SW9016 Audio/Video Matrix Switcher features 8 broadcast-quality composite video inputs (on BNC connectors), which can accept CBVS or SVideo signals of NTSC or PAL standard. These can be matrixed to four output zones (again on BNC connectors). Alongside the video inputs, 16 balanced audio
inputs can be matrixed to 8 balanced audio outputs (which can then be fed directly to the local Soundweb 9088 DSP unit), and are programmable entirely independently of the video matrix. This means that zones can be programmed to show a news channel while music is playing in the background.

The BSS Audio SW9016 Video/Audio Matrix Switcher integrates totally with Soundweb Designer's presets, and connects directly to the serial port of a Soundweb device with no extra programming. Matrix settings are made with Soundweb Designer, and stored within the main system presets. This means that using either the simple 9012 wall panel or the more sophisticated 9010 'Jellyfish' remote controller, users can recall total system settings not only for audio, but for video routing as well.

An audio-only version, the SW9026, expands the input capacity of a Soundweb system, allowing a system designer to provide 8 outputs from a choice of 16 inputs for onward routing to the 8-input Soundweb device.

Both units are also supplied with a PC application enabling them to run as standalone units. This allows a user to store up to 8 presets per video output zone, which can be controlled from a PC, or from another device through the unit's RS-232 port. On the rear of each unit is a control port, which also allows a simple switch such as the SW9012 wall panel to recall these zone presets. Up to four controllers can be connected to the port so that each zone has its own local control. Input and output audio level controls may be adjusted as part of a preset to match up audio sources with different output levels.

Video performance is up to broadcast quality, with 150MHz video bandwidth. Vertical Interval switching ensures glitch-free transitions, while sync may be taken from an external sync input or video input 1. Video loop-throughs on BNC connectors are provided for each video input.


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