HiQnet London Architect v3.02R2 (Windows)

Note: this is an old version. The current version is: HiQnet London Architect v6.02.R3 (Windows). ×

Last Updated: Aug 23

Release Notes:

  • Added Soundweb London BLU-101.
  • Added Soundweb London BLU-102.
  • Added AEC Processing Object for BLU-101 and BLU-102 only.
  • Added custom value strings to buttons on BLU-10.  
  • Animations can now be used on BLU-10 buttons to represent values. The button type needs to be changed to “Value Animations”.
  • Added Mutes to each channel of the IO cards.
  • Added optional border and fill to edit box controls.
  • Added the ability to change node address of a device from the properties.
  • Added new security class of events. Events are logged from London Architect when a user logs in to the design, logs off, and enters an incorrect password.
  • Added Static Routes to the application preferences. These are in addition to the Static Routes in the file preferences.
  • Added System Architect graphics to the Gallery.
  • Added Global Polarity Inversion to BLU-100, BLU-101, and BLU-102.
  • Added Get Current Values from Devices. Available from the ‘System’ menu, and also prompted for when going online and needing firmware update.
  • Added the ability to reboot a device from a Logic End.
  • Added Document Manager. Any type of document can be stored with your design file.
  • Added application version string to title bar and as a read only parameter for use on control panels.


  • Improved London Device Conversion to convert from any 1U BLU device to any other 1U BLU device.
  • Performance improvement for multi-core processors.
  • Macros are now loaded up in the background on start up.
  • Changed save location to handle saving to disk and saving to device network separately.
  • Changed hardware tree view to show BLU link objects in BLU link folder.
  • When dropping items from the gallery on to the BLU-10 button setup page, it will now use a sensible default.
  • When adding Bitmaps and Animations to the gallery you can now multiple select files to add up to 1000 files at a time.
  • When adding Bitmaps and Animations to the gallery, the filename will be used as the default name for the object in the gallery.
  • Reorganised the Gallery in to separate BSS, User and Design folders.
  • Made Gallery items in the design file available from the Gallery.
  • Removed Main Code and Init Code resources from calculation of overall DSP usage due to never been able to exceed 100%.
  • Users with restricted access can now close a design file. The design file will not be saved, so any changes will be lost.