Soundweb Designer v1.16 (Windows)

Note: this is an old version. The current version is: Soundweb Designer v1.50 Build68 (Windows 2000, XP). ×

Last Updated: Aug 23


  1. You can now 'morph' a combo control into buttons.
  2. Now fully compatible with the new 9000ii hub.
  3. LEDs can now be inverted on logic outputs.
  4. A phase processing object has been added.
  5. There is now a 'Paste control values only' menu option so that designer is not taken offline when copying the settings from one processing object to another.
  6. You can now have several PCs online at the same time.
  7. Larger matrix devices have been added.
  8. There are now 'Network Selectors' which can be used to create fault tolerant networks.
  9. A 'Locate Object' menu item has been added for finding processing objects in a configuration.


  1. Radio grouped buttons placed on control ports did not function correctly.
  2. Several large matrix mixers on-screen at once could interfere with each other when selecting different tabs.
  3. Designer now detects when the serial cable is disconnected.
  4. It was posible for users to see map windows which they did not have access to.
  5. In a secure design file there were menu options which were still accessible to users who did not have access.
  6. There were circumstances when deleting the last visible map would cause designer to crash.
  7. Designer did not warn the user when they had exceeded their preset limit.
  8. There were problems with parameter synchronisation which caused designer to incorrectly sync to devices which did not need it.
  9. Start maps for users did not work.
  10. It was not possible to delete the last macro in an SDF file.
  11. Designer did not launch correctly when the user clicked on an SDF file in explorer.
  12. When a fader's 'Max' and 'Min' were changed, the values were lost on saving and then opening the file again.
  13. Parametric Eq curves were sometimes displayed incorrectly when first created.
  14. There were problems with non-ascii characters in configuration names. This would cause problems when using non-English versions of Windows.

Firmware Compatibility

ProductFirmware VersionBuild Filename
sw9088 (Mk1) Firmware v1.22 9088v122.dis
9000/9000ii Firmware v1.12 9000v112.dis
sw9010 Firmware v1.04 9010v104.dis