Soundweb Designer v1.20 (Windows)

Note: this is an old version. The current version is: Soundweb Designer v1.50 Build68 (Windows 2000, XP). ×

Last Updated: Aug 23


  1. Fixes Bug which caused Devices to reboot when loaded with Large files containing Ambient Noise compensators.
  2. Dynamic Metering - It is now possible to visually monitor the existence of a signal through the dsp layout on the PC screen using a flying meter probe.
  3. Warning dialogues on deleting device or processing objects from the layout - Reintroduced.
  4. Presets: Loss of information warning dialogue when deleting Presets introduced. Faster Preset activation achieved. More memory now available for storage of Presets in devices.
  5. Undo - A simple undo facility has been added that can reverse recent operations.
  6. About dialogue enhancements - The About dialogue now displays extra information including a list of any Macros that are installed for use with the active copy of Soundweb Designer.
  7. 9088ii support - This includes new device control panels for the AES digital cards. Also a 9088 object in a layout can be transformed into a 9088ii device.
  8. 9088 analogue output control panel additions - Both the 9088 and 9088ii analogue output control panels have been updated to include edit boxes under the faders for the input of accurate output level values. It is also now possible to link these outputs when used in a custom control panel.
  9. Configuration windows are now read only when the system is online. A safety feature to prevent accidental offlining whilst observing a configuration layout.
  10. New Layout tools - In Design mode it is now possible to align multiple objects, remove gaps between them and make them the same size as a chosen object.
  11. New clip event - A new event has been added to the Event Log functionality that registers the presence of over peak signals in the dsp of a Soundweb device.
  12. New Gain Processing objects - There is now a new category of processing objects - 'Gains'. 2 in, 4 in and 8 in gains have been included to accompany the single Gain control.
  13. FIR Filter - A new filter processing object that can import mathematically created FIR filter coefficients exported from other applications as comma separated value (.csv files) or .dat format files.
  14. Parametric EQ revisions - Parametric EQ processing objects now include extra controls to adjust parameters such as frequency, slope, type, width and boost/cut for each band.
  15. Momentary buttons - Control panel buttons, e.g. mutes, can now be used in momentary mode, i.e. the button will be active as long as the mouse is kept clicked on it.
  16. Network status additions - A new toolbar indicates the network status of Designer, i.e. either 'Online' or 'Offline'.
  17. Control port support for three wire connections - Linear potentiometers or faders can now be used as continuous controllers via the 9088ii control port connectors. In the Control Ports window there are now two buttons to select whether the device functions in 2 or 3 wire mode (2-wire mode emulates the original 9088/9000 control ports). Select '3-wire' mode to use linear controls and '2-wire' mode to use logarithmic controls. Note: only one mode can be used per device although different configurations could have either mode set up.
  18. 'Inverted Direct Action' option - A third option has been added to the possible operation of a button attached to a control port. Inverted Direct Action is basically the same as Direct Action but in reverse, i.e. this could be used as a Press to talk as opposed to a press to mute.
  19. Rename Object - A 'Rename' function is now available in the right click menu of a processing object. This changes its unique id assigned by Designer, e.g. P12, to a name of the user's choice.
  20. 9010 bitmaps - In the Button Setup screen for the 9010 remote there is now an extra button which can load in a 128x64 pixel monochrome bitmap image to display on the remote's screen, e.g. a company logo.


  1. Windows '98 - long path name problem fixed.
  2. Event Log - problems displaying events using an SDF with a filename longer than 30 characters fixed.
  3. Macros - fix for exporting delay properties correctly.
  4. Metering - fixed problem with faders and parametric eqs not sending values when there were multiple meters on screen.
  5. Metering - fixed problem with meters requesting updates from devices, therefore causing extra network activity, even when they had been closed down in Designer.
  6. Automated wiring - crashes when trying to implement this feature now fixed.
  7. Configuration window - interface ports are now sent to back when first opening an SDF so that user defined text labels can be seen.

Firmware Compatibility

ProductFirmware VersionBuild Filename
sw9088 (Mk1) Firmware v1.48 9088v148.dis
9088ii Firmware v1.06 88iiv106.dis
9000/9000ii Firmware v1.36 9000v136.dis
sw9010 Firmware v1.24 9010v124.dis