sw9026 (discontinued)

Audio Matrix Switcher

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Expanding the applications of Soundweb is the SW9026 Audio Matrix Switcher, allowing multiple audio sources to be routed by Soundweb Designer presets or simple remote control. Integrating Soundweb Audio Processing and Networking with these switchers provides the ability to route selected inputs from a number of sources. There are many instances where only a number of signals from multiple sources are required simultaneously, and the SW9026 permits low-cost input expansion for Soundweb systems, as well as offering a standalone solution for source selection and matrixing. The SW9026 features sixteen balanced audio inputs, and the eight balanced outputs can then feed a Soundweb 9088ii for processing and further zone distribution.

In addition to seamless integration within Soundweb systems, the SW9016 is equally suited to stand alone operation. When used in this way it can be used as a simple switcher or alternatively loaded with up to eight pre-sets that allow any combination of audio routing and level to be instantly recalled in up to four independent stereo zones. If no pre-sets are loaded, the units automatically default to a simple four zone source selector with 'audio follows video' routing, audio level control being independent for each zone.

Control can be remote via RS232 using simple string commands, or local from a contact closure port, for example using up to four SW9012 wall panels. The baud rate of the RS232 can be changed to suit the application. BSS can also supply an 'active X' plugin to aid the easy integration with bespoke windows based control applica-tions. BSS Audio supplies a standalone PC program that can be used to both set-up and control the devices when they are not part of a Soundweb system. To increase flexibility, up to two SW9026s may be connected to a single Soundweb or other RS232 device.


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