Soundweb Designer v1.22 (Windows)

Note: this is an old version. The current version is: Soundweb Designer v1.50 Build68 (Windows 2000, XP). ×

Last Updated: Aug 23, 2016


  1. Auto-Online, it is now possible to launch the application and a specified file will be opened, the PC will go Online to the devices, and the design file will be loaded
  2. It is now possible in a security enabled design file to Log Out, then Log in as a different user, without as was previously required, closing and re-opening the design file.
  3. FULL SCREEN MODE - enlarges a map window to full screen size
  4. link Buttons now have bitmaps and can be used to exit application, also to log in/out in a security enabled file.
  5. Export object data function:
    • is now a permanent part of Designer
    • Added Class ID
    • Added File version number and Soundweb version number to start
  6. New Processing Object - Modulator.
  7. New Groups:
    • 'Primitives' - containing Modulator
    • 'Tools' - containing Tone Generator, Metering Point, Noise Generator & Network Selector
    • 'Special' group has been removed
  8. Macro Control panels which are bigger than the Soundweb Designer window are now resized and scrollable.
  9. Multiple ports can now be created simultaneously in the macro creation view
  10. Duplicate macros [different macro-files containing macros with the same name] are handled much more clearly by new startup dialogues
  11. Old design files with "lost macro links" are recognized and a list of the affected macros is shown to the user


  1. In the case of controls which are placed on control ports and also included in Presets & parameter presets, the control port setting now takes precedence over settings in presets.
  2. Asymmetric boost/cut now works in macros
  3. Closing a design file whilst online can no longer cause problems
  4. Linking parametric controls no longer causes all controls to affect band 1
  5. Shift - double click for default settings of parametrics now working properly
  6. Changing the property of a boost/cut control of a parametric no longer shifts the 0db position incorrectly.
  7. Groups can no longer be 'lost' when created with macros.
  8. links in macros are now much more stable
  9. Macros containing gains with default value set to -INF no longer cause problems
  10. Controller-Properties [RANGE] wasn't stored for macros - it's stored now.
  11. Linking controls from Device control panels (e.g. analogue o/p gains) no longer causes problems
  12. Copy Settings & Paste Settings between Parametric EQ control panels now works properly.
  13. Innacuracies in Parametric EQ curve display, especially for notch settings now fixed.
  14. Designer no longer allows you to go online to a port that is not valid. This includes non existent ports, or ports which are already in use.
  15. Keep alive timer re-introduced. Designer will timeout after 5 seconds. Network will time out after 2 seconds and perform a network reset.
  16. No longer possible to have two copies of comms.exe running

Note: AMX is now called Panja.

Firmware Compatibility

ProductFirmware VersionBuild Filename
sw9088 (Mk1) Firmware v1.50 9088v150.dis
9088ii Firmware v1.08 88iiv108.dis
9000/9000ii Firmware v1.38 9000v138.dis
9008 Firmware v1.00 9008v100.dis
sw9010 Firmware v1.26 9010v126.dis