HiQnet London Architect v6.00.R4 (Windows)

Note: this is an old version. The current version is: HiQnet London Architect v6.00.R5 (Windows). ×

Last Updated: 8月23日

Updates since 6.00.R3

Important Information – Please read:

  • This and other relevant documents can be found in the Help menu within HiQnet London Architect.
  • HiQnet London Architect is only compatible with HiQnet System Architect 1.80 or later. It is recommended you use HiQnet System Architect 2.1 or later.
  • Please ensure you are using Crown firmware which ships with HiQnet System Architect 1.60 or later.
  • Device Security gives users the option to create a design file specific password on a Soundweb London device. Users are advised that if the password is lost then YOU WILL NOT BE ABLE TO ACCESS THAT DEVICE and it must be returned to BSS Audio.
  • When designing large systems you should check the CPU usage chart of the devices when online. Sustained values of CPU usage (not to be confused with DSP usage) above 90% are not recommended. A sustained value of 100% may cause issues such as the logic running slower than expected, meters running slower, and controls greying out.
  • If after installing this version some devices are not appearing in the Network Window and you are running Windows XP, please upgrade to at least Windows XP Service Pack 2.
  • Time Zone information must be set in the file preferences for the Calendar logic object to function correctly.
  • The Soundweb London devices store the time in GMT. The front display of the devices will show the local time. The time is only valid when a valid design file is loaded.
  • Please refer to the CobraNet information document for important information about the number of bundles allowed at given sample rates and latencies.
  • Please make sure that you update all your devices to the current firmware before enabling network sharing with System Architect.

Important Information for Windows Vista and Windows 7 users:

HiQnet London Architect is fully compatible with Windows Vista and Windows 7 both 32 and 64 bit versions. With the exception of the following items:

  • HiQnet London Architect requires administrator privileges to run correctly. If you have User Account Control (UAC) enabled, you will be prompted to allow HiQnet London Architect to run each time.
  • Bootloader will not function correctly under Windows Vista or Windows 7.


  • Includes new firmware version 2.21.19 for. Rev J Cobranet cards. This fixes an issue where the Cobranet card may become unresponsive with a sustained high level of bundle changes.
  • Fix for possible AVB lockup when forcing pilot stream.


  • BLU-100

    配备 BLU link 的 12x8 信号处理器
  • BLU-6

  • BLU-80

  • BLU-800

    信号处理器(带BLU link 和CobraNet™)
  • BLU-805

    信号处理器(带BLU link 和 AVB)
  • BLU-806DA (BLU-806)

    信号处理器(支持BLU Link/Dante/AES67)

  • BLU-8v2BLK

  • BLU-8v2WHT


  • BLU-BOB1

  • BLU-BOB2

  • BLU-326DA (BLU-326)

    I/O 扩张器与数字音频总线和但丁
  • BLU-325

    配备 BLU link 和 AVB 的 I/O 扩展器
  • BLU-320

    配备 BLU link 和CobraNet™ 的 I/O 扩展器
  • BLU-101

    支持 AEC 的会议处理器
  • BLU-102

    配备 AEC 和电话混合功能的会议处理器
  • BLU-10BLK

  • BLU-10BLU

  • BLU-10WHT

  • BLU-120

    配备 BLU link 的 I/O 扩展器
  • BLU-16

  • BLU-160

    支持 BLU link 的信号处理器
  • BLU-3

  • BLU-32

    配备CobraNet™ 的 I/O 扩展器


  • BLU-50

    4x4 信号处理器(带BLU link)