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The demand for simple standalone DSP processing has led BSS Audio to introduce the new Soundweb Lite 3088 Programmable Digital Audio System. The new 8x8 unit draws on the phenomenal success of the larger networked Soundweb 9088iis and associated products, but provides a less-expensive alternative for situations where the design requires a maximum of 8 inputs and 8 outputs.

This new device fulfils many applications such as houses of worship, theme bars, boardrooms and clubs.

The 3088 has all the capabilities of the networked version - totally free-design DSP layout, a large palette of processing objects, custom control panels etc, and runs under the common Soundweb Designer platform. This means that Consultants and Contractors who are familiar with Soundweb already will be able to incorporate designs using the 3088 immediately. It also means that the 3088 uses an incredibly stable set of hardware and software to give users peace of mind.

Control options for the 3088 are similar to the 9088iis, with PC control (custom control panels), simple control from the 9012 and new 9015 wall panels and control ports, or serial control from AMX, Crestron and other serial-based control systems. The 9015 panel features an 8-way switch for selecting presets and a pair of up/down buttons for level control etc. All standard input configuration options are available for the 3088, including mic, line and AES/EBU digital I/O, and the 3088 will also integrate with the recently released 9016 Video/Audio and 9026 Audio switchers.

Soundweb Designer V1.40 and later supports the new 3088 as well as featuring a set of example templates and macros to make designs easier still. The Latest version of Soundweb Designer is available here.


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sw3088 CAD drawing front
en updated: Sep 18, 2021
  en  49.8 KB Sep 18, 2021
sw3088 CAD drawing rear
en updated: Sep 18, 2021
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sw3088 Cut Sheet-English
en updated: Sep 18, 2021
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sw3088 Install Guide-English
en updated: Sep 18, 2021
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en updated: Sep 18, 2021
  en  10.3 MB Sep 18, 2021
Soundweb Designer
version 1.50 Build68, updated: Aug 23, 2016
1.50 Build68     10.5 MB Aug 23, 2016
Soundweb Designer
version 1.50 Build68, updated: Aug 23, 2016
1.50 Build68     19.8 MB Aug 23, 2016

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