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Analog Input Card
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The Soundweb London Analog Input Card is designed to populate any of the four card slots on Soundweb London BLU-800, BLU-805, BLU-806, BLU-320, BLU-325, BLU-326, BLU-160, BLU-120, BLU-80, BLU-32 and BLU-16 devices. This analog card enables Soundweb London devices to receive microphone / line level signals.

The Soundweb London Analog Input Card offers Phantom Power, configurable per channel and software controlled analog gain in 6dB steps from 0dB to 48dB.

The Analog Input Card has two Combicon connectors which are used as follows:

  • Connector 1
    • Balanced / Unbalanced Audio, Channel 1 - Mic/Line
    • Balanced / Unbalanced Audio, Channel 2 - Mic/Line
  • Connector 2
    • Balanced / Unbalanced Audio, Channel 3 - Mic/Line
    • Balanced / Unbalanced Audio, Channel 4 - Mic/Line
Connector [Mic/Line Combicon] [Mic/Line Combicon]
Signal 4 3 2 1
Pin [S + -] [S + -] [S + -] [S + -]


Balanced Hot: to + Unbalanced Hot: to +
  Cold: to -   Link to Shield: to -
  Shield: to S   Shield: to S


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Analog Inputs 4 mic/line
Input Type balanced/unbalanced
Phantom Power yes