FDS-336T (discontinued)


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New V2.10 Firmware brings exciting new performance standards!

Find out all about the WHISEWORKS Neville Thiele Method™ filters in the special area here.

Minidrive provides all four core functions of the Omnidrive range: crossovers (Linkwitz-Riley, Bessel or Butterworth), mid-band limiters, equalisation freely assignable to inputs and outputs, and both input and output delay. However, by leaving out the more advanced features in the Omnidrive, BSS has achieved dramatically lower prices, ensuring that Minidrive is suitable for a range of applications for which an Omnidrive would simply not have been affordable.

The Minidrive is available in two models, the FDS-334T (with 2 inputs and 4 outputs) and the FDS-336T (with 2 inputs and 6 outputs). The FDS-336T is able to drive a stereo 3-way system, and is expected to find favour in the front of house rack, while the FDS-334T is expected to be at home in the monitor rack. Up to 38 bands of filtering are available in each unit.

As an added bonus, the Minidrive can be controlled by SIASoft's Smaart Live analysis program, allowing the installer or engineer to create systems with integrated measurement and processing.

Individual Minidrive outputs can also be run full range. With the low price of the units, this means that they are highly suited to use as zone controllers for convention centres, ballrooms, under-balcony feeds or downfills with EQ and delay, or for replacing several traditional analogue units in an installed sound system in just one rack space.

BSS has provided Minidrive with a similar user interface to its big brother the FDS-366T "Omnidrive Compact Plus". The four-arrow "navipad" allows access to menus and facilties, while push-to-select switches on the output level controls ensure fast access to channels for editing. Data is shown on a bright blue LCD display, with data entry via a parameter wheel. Input and output level meters are an immediate comfort for the engineer, and individual output band mute keys are provided. Together, these make the Minidrive more convenient and faster to set up and adjust than any DSP unit in its class.

For program archiving and storage, use MINISTORE, a PC application that allows you to dump programs from your Minidrive to a PC, arrange them and download any or all programs to any similar Minidrive unit.

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FDS-334T/336T MINIDRIVE Loudspeaker Management Systems

The Digital Crossover System shall be configurable from a combination of two inputs and six (four) outputs, in a single 1U rack-mounting unit, each output having facilities for crossover, parametric EQ, mid-filter limiters, and delays. Each input must have facilities for parametric EQ and delays. Any output may take its feed from any input, including a mono sum of the two inputs. All functions must be accessible through front-panel switches, including independent and directly accessible MUTE buttons and LEVEL TRIM controls for each output.

The unit shall have electronically balanced analogue inputs and outputs.

All data shall be displayed numerically to provide a visual reference of crossover points, delay times, limiter and EQ settings.

Individual LED meters shall be provided on each input and output. These LED indicators shall also show when clipping levels are approached. The input meters shall indicate signal levels of SIG (-20dBu), -3dBu, 0dBu, +3dBu, +6dBu, +12dBu and CLIP (+18dBu). The Output meters shall show levels relative to the limiter threshold of SIG, -20dB, -12dB, -6dB, -3dB, 0 (Limit Threshold) and OVER (signal 6dB over threshold level). The LED meters must at all times show the output signal level, regardless of MUTE condition.

Each crossover output band shall be selectable to operate with a slope of 6, 12, 18, 24, 36, 48 or 52dB per octave. The filter types available shall be Butterworth, Bessel, Linkwitz-Riley or WHISEWORKS - NTM, dependent upon slope selected. Each band shall have polarity inversion switching . Each band shall be adjustable for both high and low-frequency roll-off points, individually or in crossover pairs.

Each input and output shall have freely assignable parametric EQ, each EQ section having a centre-frequency range of 15Hz to 16kHz, with adjustable gain of +/-15dB in 0.5dB steps, and a variable Bandwidth (selectivity) adjustment of 0.05 to 3.00 octaves in 0.05 octave steps. The filter shape shall be selectable between bell or shelving, with selectable shelving slopes of 6dB or 12dB per octave, low or high shelf characteristics.

Each output shall have threshold adjustable mid-filter limiters, with threshold adjustment of -10dBu to +20dBu.

Each input and output shall have a delay line, adjustable up to 635 milliseconds in 21 microsecond steps. Delay settings should be set and viewed in milliseconds, feet, metres or frames-per-second (24, 25 or 30 fps). It shall be possible to link bands for relative delays.

There shall be no less than 60 memories for the storage of system data. It shall also be possible to output memories via MIDI to a MIDI storage device.

Password protection shall optionally disable the setting and viewing of parameters by non-authorised personnel.

There shall be provision for remote control via MIDI or RS-232, and it must be possible to update system software via MIDI or RS-232. Units must be able to pass data to other similar units using MIDI transfer.

The Digital Crossover System shall be the BSS Audio FDS-336T (FDS-334T) MINIDRIVE.


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Chassis 19" (single rack space)
A/D/A 24bit
Input 2 XLR Balanced
Output 6 Bands, XLR Balanced
Control In RS-232
MIDI In/Out/Thru
LCD Display yes
Metering Inputs/Outputs LED Meters


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FDS-336T (discontinued)